About Aly Badawy

System Administrator and solutions' developer specializing in open-source environments like: Unix, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, nGinx, Python, PHP and other programming languages.

I earned a master degree in Information systems from University of Phoenix in USA in 2010, preceded by a B.S. degree in managerial information systems from Sadat Academy for Management sciences in Egypt in 2006. In 2004 received the MCAD certificate from Microsoft for developing using VB.net, and earned the MCTS (VB.net) in early 2007.

Started my journey into the programming world moving from C++ to Visual basic 6 in the late 1990s, then moved to the .net environment using both VB.net and C# in 2003 to build three years of experience in the .net platform; and was introduced to the SQL server 2005. I also started learning Oracle 10g databases during this period. In 2007, I started moving to the open-source environments like PHP and MySQL for web developing, and Perl for application developing. I loved these languages and the community behind them.

From 2008 till nowadays, I have been moving between different open-source platforms till I found the best choices to keep on, I believe. I am now specializing in Ubuntu as an operating system, specially the Server version, nGinx for web hosting, Ruby on Rails for developing web applications and services, and PostgreSQL for databases (unless Oracle is really needed for higher capabilities).

In 2011, I passed the CCNA exam.

Also, I am the CTO and Co-Founder of Fourteen Inch LLC.


My Skills

UNIX system administration : 95% Complete
Databases (mySQL and PostgreSQL) : 85% Complete
Ruby on Rails : 99% Complete
RESTful APIs: 90% Complete
HTML, Javascript and CSS: 40% Complete

Technology used:

I am a big fan of Apple technology.

I use Mac OS X for my personal computer. I also run my website on Mac OSX server. However, most of the work I do for my clients is hosted on Ubuntu or CentOS servers.

Most of my code is written in Ruby or in Swift. PostgreSQL is my favorite database engine.

System Administrator

I build servers, write bash scripts and cron jobs to automate almost everything. I manage firewalls, user and group permissions.

Backend Developer

I write code to work as the logical core of applications and services while insuring data integrity and high performance.