27 Apr-2014

Fourteen Inch LLC (the story)

Exactly three months ago, Omar Fouad and myself have established our partnership as Fourteen Inch, LLC

If you are not sure who Omar Fouad is, I would highly recommend that you check his website, or allow me to introduce him.

Omar is one of the best developers that I was lucky to meet over 12 years ago. He has been moving from one programming language to another and from one platform to another, just to master them all. He is also one of those developers who know how to build the best user experience and properly design an exceptional user interface for the solutions he builds as well.

Simply, he is a fully integrated solution developer although he hates being called so, he rather defines himself as an entrepreneur.

So, What is Fourteen Inch?

Fourteen Inch is a company built with a plan and a vision in mind to grow and introduce products that can change everyone’s online experience.

This vision was first seeded in both of our minds years ago as we happened to work together on several projects. As we moved forward, we managed to see the harmony in our development methods and cycles; beside the fact that we became best friends.

We worked on several projects that involved several programming languages and platforms, from the era we used to develop using .NET framework and MS-SQL server to the current era of everything *NIX. But regardless of the project, language or platform, there were always three key factors for what we built:

  • First, We always sought perfection and exceptional user experience through our work.
  • Second, we know the capabilities of each other and each of us trust the other with their duties and tasks.
  • Third, we just happened to always be working as Omar does the front-end and I do the back-end of the project.

These built a harmony and ease of flow in our work, and we managed to always have the same vision about any new project we work on together.

Then, in December 2010, I remember I called Omar and asked him that we need to form a partnership and start working as a group; he welcomed the idea so much and we started working at this time with a name of “Quartier Zero” before we recently decided to rename it to “Fourteen Inch”.

During the last three years, and with the name of Quartier Zero, we have worked on a number of web and mobile applications for several companies and individuals. we also have co-operated with big firms and worked on parts of bigger products, until Last January when we decided that we should form a LLC, and we decided to start fresh in everything, including the name.

Why Fourteen Inch?

There are many aspects behind that name that we took in consideration when we named our partnership.

First, let me quote Omar’s saying about Fourteen Inch:

“Fourteen Inch is basically me and Aly. Our work, experiments, knowledge, mistakes, success all bond together into a single entity.” - Omar Fouad.

We thought about a new name that reflects our ideas; creative, innovative and yet related to our work. Fourteen Inch was basiclly the size of almost every computer screen back in late 80s and early 90s, when we first shook hands with the Internet and started learning this techonolgy on our own since there were not many people who knew about computers and Internet that we could learn from. We witnessed the history of Internet being unfolded and its power being revelaed day after day. And while moving from a computer with 486-processor and 8MBs of RAMs to currently typing this on a 13” MacBook Pro with 8GBs of RAMs and i5 processor, we strongly believe we owe that period a lot and we should always be thankful.

That is why not only we choose a name that reflects this era, but we also have plans for a better web, and we believe we can make them come true. We are currently working on project management tool. we believe it will change any idea you may have about project management. We also have plans for two more secret products that we will start working on once we finish the first tier of it.

Fourteen Inch is not only about building awesome products and tools, but also about crafting an exceptional user experience and adapting the the latest techniques for development and designing into our work.

Need to know more about Fourteen Inch, visit the website at fourteeninch.com