Email is not dead

Email is not dead. It’s just not the only option anymore.

I love eamils

I really believe that email, as a communication medium, is one of most powerful and reliable way of communication, so lately I was doing research about how I see the future of emails, specially that, although emails were first invented in 1971, they never changed.

Email might have became more powerful, but it never changed. And while preparing for that research, I came across a very interesting article; the title of it was: “9 Reasons E-Mail Is Dead”, and It was first published on PC Magazine in March 2009 here. I totally have a different opinion about emails. Let me explain.

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Fourteen Inch LLC (the story)

Exactly three months ago, Omar Fouad and myself have established our partnership as Fourteen Inch, LLC

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The Shift to cross platform

Within the last couple of years, technology has went through a lot of turning points. From being computer-dominated to be mobile-dominated, from desktop application to web services to mobile applications. Organizations in 2011 has shifted their mobile strategies from “good to have” strategy to a “nice to have” one, and this has affected organizations of all sizes. Although companies have started looking into targeting a certain platform to publish their applications on (e.g. iPhone, Android … etc) the last year, this year is again shifting the cross-platform strategy from “good to have” to another “must have” strategy.

Going cross-platform and develop for all the well-known platforms like iOS, blackberry rims, Android, Kindle tablets and windows phones while holding the integration and identity of the software among the different platforms is a real challenge. While HTML-based applications could solve a bit of this problem, it could not offer the functionality of the native application of each of these platforms.

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Install PostgreSQL on Mac OSX the easy way

I have always been using PostgreSQL on Ubuntu computers; Lalely I need to install it on my Mac computer for test purposed.

I have searched on how to install PostgreSQL on my Mac computer and how to install the pg gem; and if you ever tried to do so, you will find that there are over a hundred of tutorials that show you how to do this…. in over hundred ways, that most of them don’t work for one reason or another.

I will show you here how to just do that, in the easiest way

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How long have I been online?

What does the Internet mean to you?

I first got into the Internet around 1998, when things were just starting to warm up. Back then, whilst I was still a nipper, 14 years old, the Internet was a simpler place: ICQ was the king of IM, everyone had their own GeoCities website, splayed with low resolution adverts and under construction animated GIFs, and people connected to the Internet over a 56Kbps dial-up modem. Creativity was being redefined; rather than content being created mostly by publishers and professionals, it was being generated by everyone in their own rooms.

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