Aly is a system administrator and software engineer from Wayne, NJ, who loves building web services for different purposes.

Aly was born in Cairo, Egypt. Since he was young, he has been working with computer. He wrote his first program when he was twelve years old, in BASIC. In High school, he wrote his first GUI application in Visual Basic.

While attending college, Aly started a forums website to disucss software development with other developers, it was where he was exposed to many technologies like, php, and databases, He then started creating web applications besides desktop-applications.

Fast-forward to 2007, when he migrated to the united states, Aly took a plunge and learned over ten different programming languages and frameworks (Ruby, C++, C#, JAVA, Rails, Swift, Perl,, SQL, Go). Aly also digged into Linux operating systems.

From 2014 to 2018, Aly was the co-founder of a small software development company (Fourteen Inch LLC) that built frameworks and solutions for clients with a wide-range of requirements. He was then responsible for most of the lifecycle for the development, from technical analysis and design, coding the back-end, writing tests, and CI/CD scripts.

Aly Currently works for Steampunk, Inc. - a software development company that specializes in building software for the US goverment.

Beside his passion for software engineering, Aly also enjoys building low-voltage electronic ciruits, code for AVR microcontrollers, and 3D modeling.