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Hello world

General Saturday, Apr 2, 2022

Delve into my perspective on software development, covering diverse topics like coding techniques, technologies, and challenges

When you start learning a new programming language, you usually start with the obligatory Hello World! project. It is a good starting point to learn programming, and it makes you feel happy for achieving something.

But when I started thinking about writing for this website, I didn't want the first post to be about writing a hello world in Java script. It would be quite a short blog post.

// hint:
console.log('Hello World!');

So, I decided to make this post to familiarize you with the type of content I plan of publishing here.

Ground rules:

Before I start blogging my journey with development and post about new technologies or techniques I use while coding a piece of software, let's set some ground rules first:

I am not an Expert

Although I have been developing and writing code for most of my life, I can't say I am an export. I do have some expertise, but as many things in Tech, they keep evolving, changing, and improving. The same has to apply to my expertise.

Also, when it comes to software engineering, there is no such thing as the right way of doing things. You probably will have different ways that could even be better ways of doing things than how I would do them. I am okay with that; I will also welcome your comments and I will love to learn from you.

I am a good writer

While I plan to be posting frequently in this blog, I am still not a good writer. I enjoy coding more than I enjoy talking about coding. However, I will still be blogging here to document any challenge I face, or any new technology I learn. The aim is that someone will benefit from what I will post here

I switch gears frequently

When it comes to software engineering, I switch between different technologies, and different programming languages very frequently. I will be blogging about different aspects like (networking, databases, front-end, back-end, best practices) and I will be going back and forth between different categories very often.

I will do my best to keep the posts here organized so I don't confuse you. But be aware of this nevertheless.